BO 22 Videoinspector

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BO 22 Videoinspector

Quickly and reliably knowing what's going on

A procedure in the medical sector referred to as "minimal invasive operation" can also be carried out at home in daily life: The effective and targeted "examination" by means of an endoscope. For this purpose, the small camera of the mini videoscope BO22 is inserted into the interior of poorly accessible hollows. All your recordings appear on the 3" LC display – live and in colour. This method allows to easily search e.g. technical areas, cable ducts, pipes or motors for possible damages, or to carry out regular maintenance inspections. Equally suitable for application purposes where the probe will be submerged in water. The advantage is perfectly obvious: Technical devices do not have to be disassembled in a time-consuming manner. Walls do not have to be opened, water circuits do not have to be emptied, and cable or pipe ducts do not need to be digged up. In case of vermin infestation, the mini videoscope is ideal to check in which opening the pest have found shelter.
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