Accounting and auditing services

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Accounting and auditing services
We offer: ➡️limited liability enterprises; ➡️individual enterprises; ➡️small entrepreneurs;
✅ conducting accounting;
✅ arrangement of primary documentation;
✅ Accounting processing;
✅ Provision of tax declaration;
✅ tips and recommendations;
✅ agreements (drafting/arrangement);
✅Cash/bank processing. income-exit order;
✅ Sales of enterprise revenues - services (invoices, invoices, invoices);
✅ Source of salary (salaries and rates equal to it);
Income tax declaration (tax information);
✅ monthly VAT declaration (calculations/payments);
✅ bills of lading, invoices (inventories/warehouse-control);
✅ Enterprise expenses (monthly);
✅ profit/property tax, annual declaration;
✅ annual declaration of an entrepreneur/natural person;
✅ The documentation will be processed in the relevant accounting program;
✅Internal audit of accounting records is performed periodically;
✅ We will provide you with information about the state of the company.

➡️declarations forwarded in previous years are fully checked;
➡️bills, invoices, calculated, paid/payable VAT, salaries, income and other taxes;
➡️we will compile and search for lost documents;
➡️we will completely correct the mistakes made;
➡️we will specify the declarations;
Accordingly, it becomes possible to return the overpaid amounts;
➡️The public has active contacts with our company, through which they receive free consultations and recommendations, which will help you manage the company;
➡️compiling/searching for documents. ‼️‼️You will always have information about your company.

Miss: Ts. Dadiani St. 7. In the building of S/C Karvasla. Fourth floor, room C 419.
☎️ 598 376 673;
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