TTK 71 E ნესტგამწოვი

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TTK 71 E ნესტგამწოვი
Modern technology, simple handling
and comfortable functions
With its timeless and elegant chic, this dehumidifier harmoniously integrates in any living and working environment. But the TTK 71 E is not only an eyecatcher in appearance, its technical qualities are equally impressive:

State-of-the-art dehumidification technology with electronic hygrostat control and automatic defrost, flexible two-stage fan, timer function and digital display with real-value humidity selection ensures an effective, energy-saving dry keeping of living and office spaces or heated basements in fully automatic dehumidification operation.

The slip-resistant rubber feet of the TTK 71 E provide more than just stable positioning, they also reduce additional vibration-related operating noise to ensure agreeably silent dehumidification in your rooms.

Effective and simple
Needless to say, the device also comes with a function for hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidification. First, a fixed humidity value is selected by means of the target value preselection function. The setting range is between a relative humidity level of 30 % and 80 % in increments of 10 %. When this value is exceeded, the dehumidifier automatically switches itself on and then off again to save energy as soon as the desired target value has been reached.
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